Broody Buddies?


11 Years
Jun 14, 2008
Ann Arbor, MI
I have two broody hens - I'm not sure I'm going to do this, but hypothetically, if I let them both hatch out fertile eggs (or gave them babies to adopt) could they be housed together or would they each need their own space? I'm thinking they would probably need their own quarters, but since I only have one extra coop for baby raising, I thought I'd ask.

I had two hens that shared a nest, eggs and babies-

When ppl asked me if that was a pair with the chicks- "Oh those babies, the have two mothers- there's the father he doesn't help much. *shrug* They are half-sisters and they both helped hatch the eggs."

Now IDK if them being related helped or not but it has worked for me.

(I also don't separate broodys from the flock unless someone is trying to hurt the eggs or chicks (not happened yet))

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