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I have a call duck hen that is currently sitting on about 8 eggs. She'll get off them for a few minutes at a time to take a quick swim, but then will go back and sit again.
If/when the eggs hatch, do I need to take the ducklings away and put them under a heat lamp inside, or will she keep them warm enough?
(If I can leave them with her, I will for sure remove daddy, as he's very territorial and a menace to the wood ducks I have in the pen with them).

Here's a link quick video of her on one of her swim breaks. She likes to fly to the top of the duck shed to preen, and then return to the nest!
Call Ducks Swimming-Flying
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Keep a close eye on her-Calls usually make terrible broodies and will abandon ship.
IF she actually does hatch them, she should be OK with them as long as you have a safe place for her and babies.
That would sure be the cutest mama/babies picture ever.

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