Broody chicken - question about breaking cycle

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    Hello. I'm new to this forum, but I've been reading all the wonderful posts, and have gained my confindence in raising my chickens. One of my White Sussex chickens is broody - has been for about one week. I would like to follow the advice of many on this forum by placing her in a wire cage until she stops being broody.

    I have a couple of questions though....I have a large run...should I put the wire cage (which is big enough for her to move around freely and for food and water) within the run near the coop - or do I separate her completely from the others? Do I leave here there day and night? How will I know she is no longer broody? I would be grateful for advice regarding all these.


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    Hi and welcome! I have not intentionally used this method,but have had hens break their broodiness once I tried to move them to a separate cage to set on their eggs. I think,if it is safe,I would separate her from the others and get the cage off the ground. I think that helps to keep her unsettled,thus helping to break her. I'd leave her day and night for at least a week. Be warned though,I have had hens return to broodiness a few weeks later. It depends on how determined she is. I have always dunked mine in a bucket of cold water for a few minutes(I hold them in it up to their beaks)They don't like it,but it was quick and easy. it worked on every one of them except for my bantam hen. I dunked her 3 times,then gave in and let her hatch some.
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    Hi thanks for your reply. What does the water dunking actually do? Does it make them more uncomfortable thus breaks them more quickly? Boy....I feel awful having to separate her and put her in an uncomfortable cage....will she forgive me????????[​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Not sure how to break it..My chickens are still young but when they do go broody I'll have to try the cold water thing.

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