Broody chicken with explosive diarrhea and sometimes blood


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i have a silkie who's been sitting on a nest for almost 21 days and she has had horrible explosive diarrhea and sometimes there's a trace of blood in it! I had been giving her nonfat plain Greek yogurt that she seems to love but it didn't improve. I went to tsc theres a lady that works there always helps me with chicken questions said not to give chickens yogurt! I had been using that probiotics and electrolyte save a chick and it didn't seem to do much either, she told me to use duramycin, it's been a week and she still has bad diarrhea and some times not every time a little blood, she seems to be doing okay other wise! She eats but not a lot, I change her water 1x a day (with duramycin/electrolyte in it) she doesn't eat a lot but my other broody did the same thing so I thought that was normal! She doesn't poo on the eggs ( thank goodness!) I let take her off the eggs 2-3x a day to go and she scratches the ground pecks a bit and runs back to her eggs. Yesterday she exploded all over me the Largest amount I've ever seen, so I let her out for a bit eating grass ( while I cleaned myself) I noticed she was really gassy and did start to have some solid poo, now this morning were back to explosive diarrhea!
Broodys hold there poop a long time so sometimes it is for the blood sounds like she's a little wormy
Did she give you a reason why not to give chickens yoghurt? I've been doing it for a long time, and not only do my chickens love it, but they have never been harmed by it. Looking at the science behind what makes milk into yoghurt, there is nothing contraindicated for chickens. It is good bacteria the chickens already should have, and chickens can have milk. The bacteria renders the protein more easily digestable, and they digest the milk sugars... The only thing I'd say is, as a broody, she could use the extra calories in having full-fat yoghurt.
Feeding white cooked rice might be a good idea too. It is easy on the stomach and helps absorb fluids in the gut, my chickens go crazy for it.
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I stopped giving her yogurt after she told me about the yogurt but I still give It to all of my other chickens and they seem just fine, she said it causes intestinal upset and causes them to have diarrhea, I noticed her diarrhea was white after I gave it to her so I guess I just figured it might not be helping her. she was told by a chicken farmer that yogurt isn't meant for chickens and it's a dairy product and chickens can't digest dairy that it will give them diarrhea! Not sure I believe that because I give it to both of my boxers who are really gassy and it helps them and chickens seem to digest lots of things I didn't know they could or would eat! I thought maybe she could be lactose intolerant? Don't know if that is even possible, I just didntwantto make her worse. I did give her some cooked rice a few days ago and she gobbled it right down, I wasn't aware it could help absorb fluids in the gut, good to know,will give her some yogurt tonight and some rice for-breakfast tomorrow.
Chickens are OK to consume dairy. If she was lactose intolerant, the bacteria in the yoghurt culture feeds on the lactose, making the resultant yoghurt a lactose free food. :) The bacteria also predigests the milk protein. Nerd alert: I'm going to school to be a nutritionist. Ha ha ha
No way not a nerd at all! That's stuff I didn't know! I gave her some yogurt last night and she sucked it down, I never see her drink and can't tell if she's drinking much and it was hot here yesterday so it made me feel better she ate the yogurt, I can't get over how little they eat when there broody! I am constantly trying to get her to eat by offering her her favorite foods she eats just very little! Wish me luck, I'm headed to let her out!

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