Broody & Chicks: Not eating crumbles

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10 Years
Sep 15, 2009
Hm... I thought letting a broody take care of things would be easier for me! The chicks hatched over the weekend but not only have I rarely seen her eat, I've also seen her eat shavings and make the food noise for the chicks. It's so frustrating to see the chicks searching for food and walk all over the crumbles. She's also always digging up the coop throwing shavings everywhere and burying the feeder/waterer in her search for food. I think I spoiled her while she was sitting cause I was feeding her a lot of whole grains I normally use as treats.

I've only definitively seen them eat twice: the first time she was convincing them to eat shavings after they had hatched so I filled my hands with crumbles and placed them where she was pecking and she and the chicks started eating it. I also saw them eating some yesterday when I placed it in the bowl I used to feed her in and I thought things would be fine. But today the food was buried again so I just don't know what to do.

They only seem to know what is food when she makes that noise. I was going to try mixing the crumbles with yogurt so she would see it as a new yummy treat. If that doesn't work, scrambled eggs. I'd really like to get them eating plain crumbles so any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you!
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