Broody Cochin?


9 Years
Apr 29, 2013
Our cochin Gracie is over 8 months old l. Today she's been in the box since around 5pm I think, I know she's been in there for over an hour(she had a late start today). She didn't move when my dad tried giving her treats. When I pet her she makes her usual noises but occasionally growls which isn't like her at all. It's 8:15 pm now and she's still in there. She's never been broody before so is she broody now? Do I just take her out and put her on the roost?
Cochin are a very broody breed. Is she on any eggs? She sounds broody. If she doesn't want to perch don't make her (unless you want to break her out of broodiness.) Depending on what you want to happen, you can do several different things. Do you want to hatch chicks, or not?
I took her out so she could get rest, she didn't lay. There were 3 eggs under her. I put an egg near her and she looked at it for a couple of seconds and she pulled it under her. She mainly makes her usual sound but occasionally growls. She pecked at me twice. Since we don't and can't have a rooster there's no purpose for her to be broody. I felt to see if I could feel if she's potentially egg bound but felt nothing that alarmed egg. I'm not sure if egg bound hens growl. Even though I took her out already, I'd still appreciate advise since she's a cochin and bound to do it again.
To break a broody, you need to find a cool, bright place for her, preferably a metal dog cage. Broodies want warm, dark places to brood their eggs, so a metal cage will provide cool air to her underside if she tries to sit and brood. This discourages the behavior. It may take a few days to break her. Make sure to provide food and water.

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