Broody for 21 days...and no eggs fertile...I have an idea!UPDATE!


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Nov 12, 2009
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Ok, one of my little MFC girls went broody about 21 days ago, and I caught her off the nest while she was up, I snatched some eggs to candle them. None were, I ran back and snatched a few more. Out of 13 eggs, none were developing! My roo in that pen must have gotten lazy or I need to trim their cushy butts. At any rate, I have a few young chicks, but I don't want to risk them by putting them under her. The temps have been 60's and 70's during the day, but in low 30's at night.

At any rate, I have an idea so that all her efforts do not prove fruitless...but I would love some opinions on this. I have four eggs due to come out of the bator and into the hatcher tomorrow...what if I snuck them under her, do we think they will hatch? My first thought is yes, but with the cooler weather, the humidity is only what do you all think???? She has been such a dedicated was the first day I have ever seen her off of her nest.


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Try 2-3 eggs. That way if it doesn't work out you haven't lost the whole clutch from your bator. I would do it! She will be so pleased with herself!
Thanks everyone...she was so cooperative when I was taking out the bad eggs, I just went ahead and slipped two of the ones that were going into lockdown under her. I hope they hatch for her...fingers crossed!

Good Luck!

Let us know how it goes!
I think it's really smart to give her those about-to-hatch eggs because the mama and babies start to bond over those pre-hatch chirpings the babies do before they hatch, so I think you've given her and the babies the best chance to make it work! Once she hatches them and is happy with them, you should be able to sneak the other babies in, too.

I wouldn't worry about the humidity - it comes off her body.
Well, we have a proud new mommy! She has one chick chirping away under her and the other eggs has pipped! Meanwhile, the other girls in with her (in a large 12 x 14 horse stall) keep sneaking in her nest and laying more eggs. I guess they want her to permanently be the foster mom...and stay a perpetual broody! LOL! I took it out and stuck it in the incubator....bad girls.

Sooooooooo...thanks so much for the advice and encouragement!

Congrats to both you and the new little mommy!!! I bet she's just as pleased as punch with herself. How darling it's going to be to see her walking about with those two chicks. Pictures are a must!!!

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