Broody girls

Sandra Verbreyt

Jul 12, 2017
Temse Belgium
Hello. I have 3 chickens. 2 silkies and a cochin. One of my silkies and my cochin have both gone broody at the same time. I put them into broody jail but my silkie hates it and the other one is not too keen either. I have been lifting them out of the coop every day and closing it up . They have a free run of the garden with lots of space but both of them just sit by the coop waiting for me to open the door in the evening. They are also being quite mean to the third little silkie who as of yet is not broody. Do bottles of frozen water in the coop or under the jail help to cool them down. They have been broody now for over 2 weeks and are wearing me out trying to break it. The hen house (coop) is for 6 chickens so quite big as all three of my girls are only small. PLEEEEEEASE any advice will be most gratefully received.

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