Broody has pushed nesting material to sides~ eggs on bare wood...what to do?

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    So let's just say Wilma is a BIG girl. She's my BO that went broody 2 weeks ago and she is sitting on 7 eggs. It is our first time with broodiness and hatching eggs (insert nervous giggle). The problem is, I noticed today that she has wallowed so much in the nest box that she has pushed all the nesting material to the sides and the eggs are sitting on bare wood. The nest box is an external one that extends out of the coop. It has been high of 80 and low of 55 here in Ga. What should I do? She never gets out of the box and we are on day 12. I haven't even candled the eggs- not like I would know what I was doing anyway.
    The boxes were made big, like 14in wide, so she has enough room. I was going to wait until the chicks hatched to move her to a lidded cat box bed in a seperate enclosure.
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    I had a similar problem with a broody a few months ago. She ended up breaking one of the half developed eggs [​IMG] Messing with that unfriendly creature while she was on the nest was not an option, so I waited for her to go on a bathroom break and put a whole lot more nesting materials in the box, made a nice hollowed "bowl" in the middle and replaced the eggs. Hen gave me a funny look when she returned, but resumed sitting and we didn't have a problem again. Candling's very interesting. If you want to try have a look here:

    Good luck and let us know how the hatch go!

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