Broody hatching eggs questions


6 Years
Apr 14, 2013
New Hampshire
This is my 1st time letting my broody hen hatch eggs, so far 2 have hatched this morning. My questions are... should I pull out the layer pellets and give her the chick food today? How soon after hatching can I clean out her cage? It's ripe due to a broody poo overnight, lol. I'd like to clean at least where she's not sitting.

I never candled the eggs, so am not sure if all will hatch. Tomorrow is day 21 of her sitting on them, if there are eggs not hatching... how long do I give her/them until I know for sure they're no good? Also, can I be assured that "mom" will teach them where the food and water are?

Do I need to provide a heat lamp, or will "mom" be enough for them? They are in the house.
You can give them the chick food now. Or better yet, can you get a food that's good for all ages?

As soon as she's off the nest you can clean it. You can clean the parts she isn't on now. All the eggs were added the same day, right? She'll sit on the nest for maybe a couple days after the first chick hatches, sometimes longer sometimes shorter, regardless if all have hatched or not.

Once she gets up, I'd candle the remaining eggs and if they look like they've got chicks in there, put them in your bator if you have one. If you don't, another hen or heating pad will work. Mom will teach them how to eat and drink, but make sure the chicks have easy access to water especially. Sometimes I like to dip the chicks' beaks in water for the first few days, just to make sure.

She'll take care of them, no additional heat necessary.

Congrats on your first hatch and have fun!!
All the eggs I gave her were hatched that day and put under her that day. I don't have an incubator but I do have another broody hen {not being allowed to hatch} and a heating pad, thanks.

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