Broody Hatching What to do and what not to do.

I brood my chicks myself, so I can double clutch the broodies... If you are going to pull the chicks, as soon as they are dry, pull them. If she has them more than a day or so, she will abandon the nest and go off being broody. If you are going to let her raise the chicks, make a safe, escape proof, preator proof area for them that they can't get caught in any small spaces, fall, not be able to get up to where mama goes, etc...
Thank you...I was wondering if you have any experience with removing the first first few chicks to make sure she sits long enouigh to complete the hatch and then reintroducing them back to the hen. I have a nice small chicken tractor that would work well and would like to let the hen brood them herself.
It is worth a try. The more difference in age, the less likely it will work. Try slipping them under her at night and monitor, especially early the next morning. When she wakes up is probably the most dangerous time for rejection.

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