Broody Hen Abandoning Her Nest?

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Jul 13, 2016
So, I'm new to this site as a member. I've been here many times to find things that were wrong with my chickens before.
I have this broody hen who has been sitting on some eggs for quite a bit, she had 4 eggs under her, most from different time frames, so we had our first 2 hatch just a few days ago and as of today the broody hen doesn't seem interested in hatching the other 2 eggs. Will she go back to them? Or should I take this as a sign that she wants to care for her hatched chicks?

PS: She has been in the nest box with the eggs, but won't directly sit on them and occasionally switches nest boxes, is that saying she doesn't want them?
Once the chicks get too or three days old the mum will leave the nest to feed with the chicks. This is probably what has happened! If the other eggs are still alive you can chuck them in an incubator (if you have one)!
I wish I had an incubator, but it appears the broody hen has gotten back on her eggs. Now one of her left over eggs has a tiny little hole in it which I'm hoping is a chick. Thanks for the information! I'll keep that in mind. The chicks are about 2-3 days hold so it does make sense.
Welcome to BYC! How far apart are the hatch due dates for the eggs? If they remaining eggs are due to hatch nowish, they have a chance if you leave them in the nest and mom keeps them warm most of the time. I've had "abandoned" eggs hatch like this in the past, some 2 days after mom left the nest!
I would say they should be hatching soon. There was a small hole in an egg that she was sitting on so we left her over night, but when I came back she wasn't on the nest. Do you think she'll still keep it warm now and then? And how long can eggs survive without the heat from the mother?
She will return at night and keep the eggs warm and that could be adequate, in my experience, but it depends on the temperature where you are, how far along the chicks are (how close to hatching). If they are not ready, but close, and it's not very warm now, you could try and rig up a quick makeshift incubator of sorts for them? Even if you just put a glass bowl upside down over them with some water in a bowl in there for humidity and something over the top to warm everything up to roughly 95*F or thereabouts? Thinking out loud now.
Where I am is pretty humid and this week it is pretty hot weather, almost in the 90's. She seems to be sitting on the eggs every now and then so I am hoping that the heat she gives off in those moments will at least give me a chance of hatching the 2 eggs left. Thanks.
That may be enough for them. Do you know how far along they are?
I wish I knew, but sadly I lost track, if I were to estimate I would say today or in a couple days they should be hatching.

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