Broody hen accidentally stepped on egg, now it has a hole in it


9 Years
Sep 26, 2010
Houston, Texas
My broody hen accidentally stepped on one of her eggs, it has a small hole in it, when I candled the egg, I saw the chick move inside and through the little hole, when I shined a flashlight through it, I saw a wing and foot. I put the egg in my incubator, my question is what can I do about the hole in the egg? This egg is about 20 days old, it should hatch any day now, but I haven't heard any pipping from it. Should I candle it daily to make sure it's still alive?
I posted on a similar thread a couple days ago where the egg was much "younger" but I would assume the same things apply here.

You can seal it with candle wax, Neosporin, clear tape (probably not this far along), a band-aid (also not this far along)...or just leave it alone & make sure the membrane stays moist. I would vote for the Neosporin or even Vaseline at this point as it will help keep the membrane from drying out & shrink wrapping the chick.
Could have a great chance still at 20 days .. can you tell what the hole is exposing if its her beak area you will want to make sure its nothing that can interfear with the air of the chick. Good luck I have read about others accidentally being broken and making it with little to no help , such as some one going to discard one they thught wasnt hatching only to start hearing a peep. Good Luck !

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