Broody hen and her fertilised eggs. I am a first time egg hatcher and I need HELP :)


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Hi there, I wanted to ask you a question if you wouldn't mind giving me your advice. I have a broody chicken so I put 4 eggs under her. She sat on them all day and then managed to get into the main pen and sit on the other girls eggs that they have just laid. The fertilised eggs them went cold. I have now put her into her own pen and she is sitting on the eggs again. Do you think there is a large chance of these eggs not hatching now? Thank you in advice
Since she's new to setting, I think they're fine. Just try to keep her on the same eggs now for the next three weeks! And enjoy your baby chicks, there's nothing like watching a momma hen with her new babies
I can't wait until they hatch and I hope they will be fine. I guess though I'd there are no chicks in three weeks I will have to try again. At what age do I start introducing them to the older chickens?
I like to leave my broodies in the coop with the flock. If you need to pull her, get her and her chicks back in as soon as possible. This makes things so much nicer--the chicks grow up in the flock and learn good manners, the broody keeps her place in the hierarchy, and you don't have to worry about introducing the chicks by themselves later on.
Mine did the same thing! We have six boxes and she keeps going in the other boxes. I'd be a week now, but my hubby collected the wrong eggs and the fertile ones ended up the fridge :/. So, I'm day two again. Today I caught her in the wrong box. Eggs were still fairly warm though. I think I'm gonna separate her into a small section in the coop. Not completely, but enough to keep her with access to only one nest. Then, I'll just reverse the temp"wall" and allow her to stay with the flock. Should end up well. Ill prob post some pics when I get it done.
Very happy to report all 4 babies chicks have hatched this morning very exciting and very CUTE!
Started with three eggs, one go crushed at one week. Last night (day 20) both left were kicking like crazy. Today, momma hen got off them for a while and they got chilly. Tonight I candled again (day 21), one isn't moving at all :( but the other chirped when I picked it up and actually started to break thru :celebrate I'll post pics tomorrow !!
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