broody hen and mail order eggs?


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Apr 18, 2007
I have no roosters. I have an ocassoinally broody RIR. If I order fertile eggs right away by mail next time she is broody will I be able to hatch the eggs? I have crummy luck with the incubaotr and would love to see a hen momma some chicks around the yard. Also is there any way to induce broodiness?
I know several folks have done exactly this. Just be sure to check the eggs from time to time to make sure she doesn't have one go rotten under her. If other hens are around make sure the setting eggs are marked and remove any new eggs daily.

Should I isolate her from my other ladies? Also for those of you who have bought fertile eggs what is the usual sucess rate after being mailed?
Ive only done it once with silkie eggs from ebay under my tiny mix bantam and she hatched all 6 eggs......she was happy as could be with her babies, she has since hatched out more that I give her from my own chickens
I'd say with shipped eggs, 50% or better hatch rate is wonderful. I expect a 50% hatch from shipped eggs. Some times I've been disapointed.
I've had 100% hatch rate with shipped eggs but I think that was the exception to the rule -- I would say 50% is satisfactory and anything better than that is gravy.

As for your broody hen question...I think you should move to PA and let someone here hatch your eggs in her incubator for you. Maybe some blue cochins?

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