Broody Hen different eggs added at different times...what should we do


10 Years
May 27, 2009
Buckley, WA
Our hen went broody and we left her with her flock in the hen house. It turns out that she was kicked out occassionally and other hens would come in and lay new eggs for her. She has already hatched two chicks, we candled other eggs and they are in different stages of development. We seperated her now and put food and water with her and a heater due to the cold nights. Should we allow her to continue to set on the eggs or should we remove the eggs and get her back to normal conditions. Just not sure what to do here, she seems healthy and really protects those eggs. Should we allow her to brood another batch?


Jill Hegland
If she is content to brood another batch give it a try - but she may just decide she is done one day & leave the eggs to expire. Especially if she has already hatched chicks.
I would wait & see - but I wouldn't have any hopes she will stick it out too long since she has chicks to care for. She should get tired of sitting in a day or two. Once you see her outside dispose of the old eggs so they don't break & cause other issues.

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