Broody Hen - First Timer!


Aug 14, 2017
So I think my golden laced orpington, Penny Lane is a bit broody!

She’s made a nest in the coop, and she’s hidden an egg in there, and she keeps going back in to sit on it. She’s clicking angrily at everyone and she pecked me before (the little witch haha)

BUT I don’t know what I’m doing! Do I just leave her? Will she sit on everyone’s eggs? Or will she just sit on that one? When do I start counting how long she’s been sitting on them?

Any help would be amazing, just throw information at me please
She’ll probably sit on any eggs you give her.Just give her eggs.Whatever you want hatched just sit them under her and let her have at it.She’ll sit for three weeks or more or until all the eggs are hatched.Check her daily and make sure she is actually leaving the nest,some are so stubborn and never leave,results in death.You may consider separating.The others can kill the chicks.Id separate her in cage but still to where every one can communicate to her.Hate to have her somewhere no one can see her then once it is time to add her back in the flock she has to fight to gain her spot,it’s just added stress for her and the babies.You have a rooster right?
Forgot to mention she will gain more eggs as she gets More in the broody spirit when she is in full throttle is when she will set for good and get more stubborn.
Yeah I have a rooster, I was hoping to order some eggs so I could maybe get a couple of new colours in the mix though, but I’m worried if I order them too soon she may stop sitting or change her mind?

Or should I just order them now and see what happens? I guess the more eggs I can give her ...

I’ve only had them for around three weeks so I wasn’t expecting them to settle in so quickly haha...
Literally she just started today (I know I’m probably a bit over excited haha) but like I said I wasn’t expecting them to settle in this quickly.

I may leave buying eggs until someone else goes broody and see how things go with Penny Lane first, I have 4 other lovely orpingtons so I’m sure another will follow soon haha ...
Not knowing she stated today she may not even be broody.Could just be normal nesting behavior,you’ll come to find out lots of hens do this stuff regardless broody or not.
Don't separate the eggs by too many days or you'll have a staggered hatch. This means you'll have some chicks hatch and then when these chicks are three days old or so she will take them off the nest and leave the rest of the eggs to go bad.

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