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Oct 18, 2010
I have a cochin Hen whom has gone broody. She is about 15 days in & there is a really bad smell. I am not sure if one or maybe even all of the eggs are bad. This is her first time & my second. Last year I had a Buff Orpington sit on a clutch & she only hatched one. I don't remember there being a smell though. There was a broken egg ealy on, but I removed it. What will happen if she is laying on a bad egg/eggs? I have been told that "they know" & will not continue laying on a clutch if they are not going to hatch. Is this true?

I am really hoping that at least a few hatch.....
In my experience, broody hens stink. If it's not the eggs, then its poo. and broody poo is dreadful. My broody stinks, so I make sure she's well ventilated, and give her fresh straw so she can re-nest if she wants... She's kind of gross with her bathroom habits, and sometimes her rear feathers get icky. if it's an egg, she should know, and push it out. good luck.
Broodies are supposed to gt rid of bad eggs, but who's to say you don't have an exception to the rule? They do a lot of strange things. Personally, I'd sniff each egg to see if I could ID a bad one, then probably change the nesting material. I haven't had a broody poop in the nest -- yet.
Thanks Ladies, I will change the hay this afternoon when I get home & see if that works... I was afraid of handling the eggs too much, so I took out the egg that had broken & left the rest alone. Maybe it is the hay.
Yup. If an egg broke, the liquid probably seeped into the hay and now has decomposed. I bet the odor will go away if you replace the hay.
is it okay to handle the eggs? mama won't disown them if I do & I can't mess them up?
okay, so I replaced the hay yesterday afternoon when I got home from work. Happily it did the trick.... who would have thought that the hay could get that stinky!

She was a good mama & co operated. I am hoping the babies are born this weekend. none of the eggs themselves seemed to stink... so ... fingers are crossed!

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