Broody hen found hiding in the corner today


8 Years
Feb 27, 2011
We had noticed that a hen or hens had started laying eggs in a little pile in a far corner of the coop. Well today, as I was collecting eggs I found one of my red hens lying over in the corner all fluffed up and flat. Thought she might just be laying but she's been there all day and hasn't budged. She can't have more than 2 eggs! What should I do? Can I break her from brooding? Should I stick other eggs underneath her? There possibly is only one egg under her as I collected them all out of her spot yesterday (a nice little set of four :-( ). Suggestions?
If you want some chicks, give her a few more eggs.
If I were you, I would give her some more eggs, mark them all (so you know which ones to leave with her each day you gather eggs - take out any new ones she steals or other hens lay in her clutch), and let her brood.

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