Broody hen hatch


12 Years
Aug 19, 2010
Vancouver, WA
My broody Cuckoo Maran hen has been sitting on a clutch of fertile eggs for the last 19 days. Last night, during bed check, I heard some peeping from one of the eggs. This morning, Day 19 to be exact, I heard the other hens singing the egg song outside my window at 7:30am. I heard some more singing at 10:00 am when I went to check on them. Inside the coop, this is who I saw:

I think this chick hatched in early in the morning. Nearby there was a very wet, broken egg. Some chriping from underneath mom's left wing displayed a still damp newborn Barred Rock chick. From the dark coloring of both babies, I am assuming both are girls. Not bad for two days early. Needless to say, I have added a chick waterer and feeder into the nest box for the babies. At the moment, the babies don't seem to want to stray from mom's feathers and are doing a lot of sleeping.

Will mom show them how to drink from the water or will I need to teach them? Also, are hen hatched eggs normally this early?
It's pretty normal, many chicken owners have had early hatches. The mother hen will teach the chick where to drink and eat, btw Congrats on the hatch!
Thanks for the info. A third Barred Rock was just born a few minutes after my first post. I am guessing chicks will continue to hatch throughout the night and into tommorrow.

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