Broody Hen, HELP!!!

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    Jun 11, 2014
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    The Hen is 8 months old and this is her first time going broody, right now she has 5 eggs under her butt (I cant touch her or she will bite my finger off) and I need some experienced hens to help!! [​IMG]
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    Are you wanting to move her or just looking for guidance on allowing her to finish her brooding? You say she is in your clothes box - is she indoors or is this a box that is outdoors? Do you want her to hatch the eggs or not?
    If you want her to hatch and are okay with her being there, leave her be.
    If you want her to hatch but need her to do so elsewhere - you can move her and the eggs to a more desirable location. Put on long sleeves and some gloves and move her. She wont' like it and she'll put up a fight, but protective gear will keep you safe from actual harm. You'll want to have the desired location prepared before you move her so that you can shift her and the eggs to that place as quickly as possible. The specifics will depend on whether you intend to hatch her out in a private area where she is confined or in the communal coop or another location.
    If you don't want her to hatch - don the protective gear and move her to a "broody breaker" setup then dispose of the eggs.
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    Jun 11, 2014
    Oklahoma, Stilwell
    -I'm looking for guidance
    -She is indoors
    How long does it usually take for the eggs to hatch? (My hen is a Barnevelder by the way)
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    To hatch chicken eggs it takes 21 days.

    If you are going to leave her where she is you need to set up properly for her. She will only get off the nest once a day or so, so you should have her feed and water nearby so she doesn't have to roam far to find it.

    Also, since she is inside, I would strongly suggest you put down some towels or a drop-sheet or some newspaper for when she needs to poop. Broody poop is something to behold - very large, very wet, and EXTREMELY stinky. You want to protect your carpet before it is too late!

    My honest opinion is she really needs to be moved. She can't get up and dust-bathe in your house, and that is important to them. I also don't think it's particularly hygienic to have her in your clothes box like that!

    Wait until it's dark in her room, then put on a thick dressing gown and some gloves for protection. Have a friend with you who can collect up the eggs after you have lifted the hen. She will carry on a bit but don't be afraid - it's all smoke and mirrors, and all she can do is peck you!

    Carry her and the eggs outside to a pre-prepared cage. The cage should be covered so that she is protected from the elements (rain and wind) and then be placed somewhere quiet, with a bunch of hay or shavings in it. There should be room for her to stand up and move about a bit, so if you can prepare a little fenced area where she can access some dirt that is ideal. Obviously she needs food and water close by too.

    And that's it. You wait, and worry, and wait some more! Hopefully in 21 days you will have little chicks!

    Good luck!

    - Krista

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