Broody Hen just after i lost the roo ..


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Nov 24, 2007
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WooHoo ... Shes Broody and separated on 11 eggs. I hope this works .. Its a bit of a Long story
so let me start from the beggining.

First there was an egg .. i mean a chicken, uh .. an egg .. i mean .. lets not start quite that far back. ..... about a week and a day ago I got rid of the 1 Araucuna Rooster and 2 araucuna Hens that I was raising for my friend .. i knew this was coming and had aquired a hen at the NC BYC meet-up a couple weeks ago from a BYC member and then last saturday (2 days after the roo and hens left) i went to the Salisbury poultry show and found 2 hens there .. when I got back from the poultry show with my hens .. one of my flock had gone broody and I let her collect eggs for 4 (maybe 5) days and moved her to a private dwelling last night. ..

are 11 eggs too many? .. she coveres them fine .. I have 5 blue eggs and 6 brown .... I heard rooster sperm
is viable for a coupl weeks .. and im not even sure all these chickens were getting the business end of my former rooster. .. Im game for advice or opinions .. thanks

Mark / Zylphrix

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