Broody hen, maggots, empty shells

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    Aug 2, 2011
    I have a hen setting on eggs. She has hatched 1 and we're waiting on the rest. Yesterday we picked her up off the eggs because my husband said he smelled something rotting, there was half an egg shell with liquid (consistency of water) and it was filled with maggots. Under that shell there was a bunch of maggots too so we cleaned up the area, set up a new nest for her with clean bedding and she was happy. I checked her again tonight, lifted her up a little and there was an egg stuck to her feathers a tiny bit, when I got it off I noticed it was light as a feather [​IMG] ...I didn't notice any cracks or holes, what's going on?
    I'm going to clean the nest up a little better tomorrow and see just how many eggs are hollow. I hope they aren't all like this, she really really wants to be a mom [​IMG]

    A little more info too....the baby that did hatch was probably half the size of normal chicks, very tiny..... She's setting on all different kind of eggs, not just her own.... and one last thing, she chose to make this nest on the floor of the chicken coop of all places, for some reason chickens liked laying there and she liked that as her nest.

    Any info would help, we're relatively new chicken parents [​IMG]

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