Broody hen question. Should I move her?


8 Years
Jul 14, 2011
Engadine, MI
OK so one Of my Cochin Bantam hens went broody yesterday and I intend to let her hatch them. Here is my dilemma: All of my CB hens use the same nesting box. She is of course in that box. I have hung more boxes in the hopes that they would pick a different spot but I went in there this am and 2 hens were piled on top of her and the eggs trying to lay their own. I do have an area of the coop that I could move her and her eggs to, it is secluded and none of the other hens could bother her, they wouldn't even be able to see her.
So here is my question: If I move her would that be OK? Would she stay with her eggs or give up on them? Sorry this is my first time with a broody hen and she is also young, I got my first eggs from them on Christmas Eve. Thank you all in advance for the suggestions I know someone will have some insight for me
This is what I do for my broody girls. I let them sit for a few days on the nest but I mark the eggs they are sitting on and collect the rest. After 7 days I move her to what I call my broody momma apartment which is a large metal dog kennel in the coop. I put a feeder and waterer in it this way she can see and hear everyone and everyone can see and hear her and when the babies hatch they can see and hear them but no one can bother her. This has worked twice so far. My OEGB was a litle freaked out when I put her in but my silkie acted like it didn't bother her. This also makes it easier to intergrate the chicks into the flock since everyone has seen them since day one.
All right I do have an extra empty crate that I used to introduce the last batch of chicks. Thanks for the advice, I was kinda at a loss here lol

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