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    OVer a week ago we had one of our barred rock hens and one of our jersey giant roos go missing at bedtime. The next morning there they were outside of the coop. WE were so excited...we thought a hawk had got them. So the next night they were there but the following just the hen was gone again. She did not show back up the next morning or for the last week. We were sad thinking something had found her hiding spot and got her. Then yesterday she showed back up again. Then just half hour later I went back out and she was gone already. So my daughter said she thought she had a nest somewhere and had gone broody. I hadn't thought of that. So we hunted and hunted and found her nest under the deck right up against the house. She has at least 6 eggs under her. She got off again this morning and has been off for at least 1/2 hr. Is there a chance these eggs are going to make it at all? How long can they get off at a time and still have a successful hatch? We just did our first incubator hatches this spring and have never had a broody hen yet. I am concerned about such a late hatch w/it being very cold here overnight (south central IN) now. If they do hatch will Mama hen be able to keep them warm enough or should I take them from her and put them in a brooder? Any advice or thoughts would be great!!!
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    as long as she hasn't been off the eggs to long, you may get some baby's, mom will keep them warm, the baby's naturally go under moms wings and under her. i wouldn't move the eggs and her, it may upset her and she may not set on them, just make sure there is bedding or hay around the eggs to help keep the warm. if you have a box or something that you can put the bedding in and put the eggs in and she can get in out easy, and they are still in the same spot she layed them at, plus you have eggs in there form other girls.
    i have 2 girls that hatched out baby's 4 weeks ago and they are doing great, i left them in the coop with the other chickens no one bothers the baby's,. and i have a feeder just for the moms and baby's and the moms make sure no else eat from that feeder [​IMG]
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    Why not bring some food and water real close, put up a couple wind/rain/snow barriers if needed, toss her some more straw or woodchips if you got them and let her do what she wants. As a non-expert I hold the oponion that my hen raised chicks are tougher, more independent than the little princesses I raised and hand fed in the house. I have had real good luck with my little cochin mom and her chicks. She left her eggs daily to eat/poop/and visit the rest of the flock and all was well.
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