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    I really want a broody hen right now, and one of my Cochin Banties seemed to be pretty solidly broody. So I moved her into where I wanted her to be, rather than where SHE wanted to be, which was in one of the nests where everybody else lays.

    I gave her some Guinea eggs to set and a nice quiet and sheltered place, and of course she hopped right off in a snit and got onto the roost.

    So do you suppose she will think better of it during the night, or did I break her up do you think?
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    Jun 24, 2008
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    I would give it overnight and see if she changes her mind.
    Next time it is best to move the broody hen onto the new nest at night, they seem to take to it better that way.
    Also I have used a wire dog crate (with material draped over it) without places to roost, which may have helped.
    (Doesn't sound like this is the issue but just a thought: Are the eggs viable? I have heard that hens will sometimes not want to sit on eggs that they sense aren't viable.)
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    You could put her back in the nest, then put something in front of the opening to keep her in there for a day or so. Once she notices that the eggs are there, she should set them. Are you sure she was broody? Some hens are just easy to break. I had one just the other day that had another broody take over her nest, instead of finding another nest like most would do, she just quit and pouted for a few days.
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    You need to move at night. The probobly got off the nest because she thinks those aren't her eggs and because she knows she's been moved to an undesired area. If she is mooved at night, she'll wake up and think she was in the same nest as before.

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