broody hen raising chicks, share your experience


8 Years
Aug 7, 2011
west virginia
I am noticing alot of questions about this and repetitive a/q so since that's what I'm into right now I thought maybe post to one thread would be helpful and easy to find. It seems so easy to learn from watching the broody teach her chicks and do all the work, but also, taught me what to do with the chicks I have without a mama. There is another thread for hatching eggs with a broody, that is very helpful, and step two, OK now what do I do, if i should do anything at all? Basically I'm learning as i go, certainly don't have all the hard and fast answers but I bet there are those out there who do, so feel free to empty your brain. :)
My experience has taught me that this is the way to have chicks! I separate my broodies when they show commitment to hatching. Once the chicks hatch I bring mama and babies out to the rest of the flock on day 2. Mama fights the other chickens until everyone is used to the babies. I haven't had to do anything! No stink and no mess to clean up. It's wonderful! Babies are healthy too.
So much better off! At three weeks now the hen has the chicks up on the roosts with the rest of the flock, it may have been sooner since I just added more perches and moved the ladder back where it's supposed to be. It took my other chicks six weeks to figure it out.
Question for anyone that can help us. We are new at this!! We have about 13 chickens. We went to the farm today and we had an addition of 9 baby chicks!! Now should I bring them to my house and feed and keep them here until they are bigger or let the hen keep them? Help!!!

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