Broody hen viciously weaned one but not the other

May 18, 2020
Cameron Texas
for some context, I had a Russian Orloff/Speckled Orpington go broody on me. So I got her two chicks, since that’s all I had the room for and this is her first time. I kept her with the rest of the hens, one like her, a Barred, and three red stars so all gentle hens. She was a great mama, protecting them and all that. But last night when I was pulling eggs out from under her, since that’s where she’s set up camp where the other hens are laying. One chick was on the ramp next to me and the other next to her, and it got squished as I was grabbing. It chirped and then mama flew out and went after the other chick. The lead hen did go after mama, in defense of the chick? I thought that was a one off because after separating and reuniting she was fine.

Today she kept trying to kill this chick left it with a bloody gash and some blood on its nostril. And there were lots of mama’s feathers all over the run, as if the other hen had stepped in again. Chick seems ok, I’ve but her and the other chick in a big cage in the shade with food and water. Question is what do I do now? It’s 95+ in the day and mid-low 70s at night, they are three weeks. I have two coops so I can put them in one and mama in the other. I have confidence that the other hens won’t hurt them, since they haven’t yet. Does anymore experienced keepers have any ideas?
Can you just move the two chicks to a cage? I think the buddy system would be better than just separating the picked on chick..
I did, I’m just not sure about them roosting in the second coop with the other hens.
I would keep the chicks together but separate from the hens. I lost 1 RIR chick to my isa's and they started going after them 1 at a time. I had to wait until the chicks were about 3 or 4 weeks old to have a safe integration. Sometimes hens will eventually kill adopted chicks especially if they have exhibited aggression towards them. 😕

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