Broody hen was off nest I caught another hen pulling the shell of a fertile egg help


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Apr 19, 2012
New Salisbury, Indiana, First flock
The shell was decimated, the chick was bloody I brought her in the house put her in a small box with a heat lamp and heating pad. Temp is running around 94 this morning it was 79. She is moving and peeping when I say moving I mean changing positions but not walking. I also started up a humidifier up in the room she is in. Her box is inside a cage and I have the box slightly covered so the lights don't blind her. They were due to hatch on the 29th.

I'm in way over my head and need some helpful advice please the yolk sac she is attached to is red and some shell is attached to it.

The picture is from yesterday I can't get a good pic this morning the light is to bright and I don't want to move her. Also I didn't have her home set up yet in the picture above
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I don't have advice on a premie other than just let it rest and absorb the yolk. Try to maintain 99F.
If it lives, good. It would certainly have died if you hadn't found it.

Just a guess but possibly covering with a damp paper towel would keep the yolk pliable.
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Very sorry to hear about your chick :hugs. You can be safe in the knowledge that you did everything you could to save it. Unfortunately as you said nature has taken its course. Good luck with your other eggs.

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