Broody Hen?


14 Years
Apr 27, 2008
Bear, DE
Ok , After reading appears I have a broody silkie- I thought she was sick because she sat in the nest box for a couple of days- I took her out and put her in the dog crate - she sat there and did not eat or move- saturday was a very warm day- I took her outside into the fresh tilled dirt - sat her down and she was scratching and pecking - and had a hhhuuuuuuge poo - then seemed fine- so I left her to wander anround - she was dust bathing eating - after a couple of hours she went back to the nest box and sat again- this morning I check on her in the coop and she is sitting on someone elses egg-
here is the question I have no rooster do I need to get her live eggs to hatch or will she give up after a while- I would not mind getting eggs for her to hatch-
also appears I need to seperate her from the other birds?
does she need to be able to get up and eat or will she just sit until chicks come out?

sorry so long- did not expect to have a hen that wanted a baby.
thanks lilbreeches
read some of the article- at work could not read all
I want to get some fertile eggs now and have her hatch- I'll tell DH that that 's what we need to do for the hen - ha ha

little little chickies I can't wait
Watch her closely- broodys sometimes sit without eating for long stretches and can lose 1/3 body weight in a short time. If you want her to brood you will have to pamper her a bit and if not, get the eggs out from her as early in the day as you can and get her moving and feeding...when she 'broods' her hormones alter so you need to make a decision!

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