Broody hen?????

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    I have 1 hen that is about about 7 mo's old. Today I go outside to the barn and she had 3 eggs under her. I moved her off the nest because I know she has been in there awhile. I took the eggs and went back inside. Then I went back out there 45 minutes later and she was back in the nest without any eggs under her. Is she broody? How can I get her to stop sitting in the nest box?
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    usually if they're broody they will growl at you when you take the eggs. Sometimes they work up to it gradually, setting a little while for a couple of days before really getting started. Check on her a couple of more times. If she's still in there, she's probably trying to go broody.. Seems the best way to break up broody is a wire pen with no nest box for a while. I have found my young pullets are a little easier to break up, sometimes just by throwing them out of the nest several time a day.
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    give her a couple of days and certainly listen to her. my 9 mo old bantam faverolles pullet went broody on me last monday and she would growl at anyone in the room that just looked at her. 'don't anyone get near my eggs!' she was practically saying to everyone, including me! [​IMG] she's basically wedged into the box so she can't be moved, tail fully spread and feathers fluffed out when you look at her. they also call it the 'pancake' look because they spread their bodies and wings out over the clutch of eggs.

    oh, and watch your hands when you grab for eggs. they will give you some severe pecking while touching them! this is the only time i've seen her mad [​IMG]

    here's Chloe's pic. she got flatter as more eggs got left in the box from others.
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