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9 Years
Jun 23, 2010
I have a BR who is going broody. My question is that she don't stay on the nest alot...she gets off or we take her off and she will eat and go outside for a few hours but then will go back to the nesting box. She fights with the others who go to lay and in the 'struggle' has broke some eggs. I have caught her in the box at night. Should I separate her and see what happens? We don't have a rooster so thought about getting her some eggs but want to be sure she is going to stay broody first...don't have incubator.


Here is a pic I just took of her on the nest..

And another one of her telling me to leave her alone...LOL
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For the sake of unbroken eggs, you could seperate her. Also, if she's getting up that much she is not yet in what I call full-tilt broody stage. She may still be trying to decide, go broody or not.
Just came in from being outside since 6 and Miss Broody BR was on the nest the entire time. She clucks and fans her feathers when off the nest.

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