broody hen


5 Years
May 15, 2015
I have a hen that has gone broody there is no rooster so there is no chance of her hatching out any chicks. Should I leave her alone or try to coax her out of the nest box??? There is a plastic egg in the nest box she is in should I remove it???
She will eventually stop being broody, and you can just let her do her thing until then, but if you really want her to stop being broody, you can put her in a small coop by herself for a few days, without a nest or anything, and then let her back out. Good luck!
Some broody hens do not stop being broody - they lose a ton of weight and some actually die. If you hen leaves the nest often to eat, drink and poo - she should be alright. But if she doesn't budge. You should break her of broodiness. The best way is to have her in a cage or crate elevated off the ground so breezes flow through. Or you can get one of those freeze ice blox and cover in a towel for the floor of the cage. The cold air under then usually convinces them to stop being broody. If you put "how to break a broody," in the search box other ideas will pop up.

OR you could get a day old chick or two and slip it under her - and hope for the best. IF she really wants a family, she will tuck them underneath her to keep them warm. I always feel so badly for them, when they try so hard and have nothing to show for it.

You should listen to drumstick diva she is right, the mother of my chicks just up and died one morning despite a panic visit to the vet. She was so under weight and had virtually starved herself, and of course being a new chick mum I didn't realise, Now I know better thanks to BYC.

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