Broody in the chicken hut


11 Years
Jul 10, 2010
southern AL
Hazel decided she was going to sit on some eggs. And by some I mean maybe 1-3. One of us typically grabs the eggs at least every other day. I know Cashew's have the potential to be fertile. I think Hazel's could be as well. Peanut - she whacks Penelope Rooster if he gets near her. And her eggs are laid in the turtle pen anyway.

So I move her and the nest each morning to hose around her and clean out the hut. Today I put her and the nest up on a milk crate so I can clean around her easier without her getting ticked off that she's getting a little damp when I hose out the hut (& so I can put another nest below and Cashew still has a spot to lay her eggs).
Any reason that everybody shouldn't be ok to still be sleeping in there with her?
She's been sitting for 3 or 4 days now (this week has been crazy, so I don't really know for sure).
There is no guarantee she is sitting on her own eggs. They will collect eggs, lay in different nests (even with a bird sitting on one,) and move eggs from one nest to another. The eggs have their best chance of hatching if the broody is in a separate area where no one will bother her and squabbles won't cause broken eggs. But hens have been hatching eggs on their own, in with the flock, for a long time. She may get a good hatch, or she may not.
I moved her and the nest up so I could put another one for the other chickens to use.
She was not fond of that. Pitched the eggs and took off. Came back later and sat on an empty nest.
Today she has moved it back to the floor.
Which is fine. i'll just put the other one on top so I don't have to go on an egg hunt.
And right now, there's nothing in there.

We really don't have another place to put her that we can close her up or close up the others. so we'll see how it goes. Now to go hunt for other eggs around the yard or where they are in the woods.
I should have mentioned, if you mark the ones you hope to hatch with a Sharpie, you'll know which eggs to remove and which to leave each day. I was surprised how much they moved around when I did this some years ago.

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