broody left eggs for 5 hours after 20 hours of sitting-problem?

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  1. anyababette

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    Jun 22, 2010
    I put my broody on the right eggs last night but in a diffrent coop! she was sitting snug until the wind blew down my door...(what sort of door is that [​IMG], some might ask...I know:he not one that looked like a wall:/[​IMG] she ran back to her previous nest of course so the right eggs were coldish (at 25C outside temp) I am guessing for 4-5 hours! do I need to abort the whole lot and get new eggs or does a temp variation at that early stage not matter that much!? she probably sat on the eggs for 14 hours before she took of!???
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    Should be fine. I had a broody get back on the wrong nest and while I don't know how long she was off the eggs they were ice cold when I got home from work. She still had a 90% hatch with that clutch so I would not give up on the eggs yet. If it won't wig her out too much you could candle the eggs in a few days/week and check for development.

    ETA: They hate when you try to put them in a different nest then what they chose so you'll want to take steps so she doesn't do that again.
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  3. anyababette

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    Jun 22, 2010
    Thanks for the heads up! That gives me hope! Expenive eggs they were too in time as well as money! so she (I in that case) better get it right!
    She is one grumpy, nasty chick that! It took me more then a week to uncluck her last year so I thought I'll let her have a go this year![​IMG]
    I'll try my hand at candeling next week!
  4. Tropical Chook

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    Jul 5, 2010
    Your eggs will be fine. Even if they were at a more advanced stage, they can still take quite a beating. My last broody eventually stopped hatching out eggs after she had successfully hatched 16 little fuzzy butts of a staggered period of time. When she finally left the nest two weeks ago, she had only had one chick of her own as all the others were claimed by other hens [​IMG]

    Anyway, when she left the nest there were still two eggs in there which I assumed were duds. I left them in there though so that the other girls would once again start using the nest for laying in. on the second day when I was outside by the run, I notice a newly hatched chick so I went and got its mom and locked her in the run with the new arrival. Mom immediately took care of it and today it is running around just fine. So, that's two day without a hen on the egg and it still hatched. After another two or three days I tossed the last egg and felt terrible because there was a chick inside, and as I apprached the broken egg I saw it move very slightly a few times. Of course I culled immediately.

    With all that said, we never get such cold weather here in Thailand as you get where you are. Even so, I'm still sure your eggs will be fine [​IMG]

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