Broody muscovy/mallard cross


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Apr 1, 2013
Chelsea, AL
I have a muscovy (mama) mallard (daddy) cross which I know makes her infertile. She lays tiny eggs, and she was so vicious the first time she went broody that I let her sit for a week until I was was sure that the eggs were not going to be viable. I found another nest of 13 eggs in a horse stall when she started sitting over 2 months ago (she started laying again the next day). I slowly began removing her eggs until she was down to about 5 eggs. I decided to let mother nature take her course and allowed her to continue sitting. On day 45, I removed all of the eggs. She continued to sit. After another 10 days, I disassembled her nest and walked her to the pond where her mama and multiple siblings hang out. She beat me back to the barn. She sat an empty nest for 17 days, so finally, on day 62, I gave her 2 chicken eggs to sit just out of shear desperation. IF these eggs should hatch, I'll be hand raising 2 baby chicks through the winter, and my luck they will be roos. How in the world do you break a broody duck that is obviously prepared to spend the rest of her days sitting on an empty nest??

Maybe when the eggs hatch and she raises some chicks her hormones will adjust back to normal perimeters.
Just keep an eye on her and make sure she is getting enough to eat and drink. I know they can loose condition when they go broody like that.

Have you considered duck eggs instead of chicken eggs? Maybe raising her own chicks will break her out of the baby blues.

Again, not really sure but it's the best advice I have.

You could also try locking her out of the barn somehow. that I mean, keeping her away from her nesting area for at least a few days. A week would be better.
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Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, my horse stalls are open to the paddocks. I have no way of preventing access. As for duck eggs, there are none. After a predator killed one of my sitting mallards and all 14 of her eggs, none of the others laid again. The chicken eggs were an act of desperation. I know I'll have to keep a very close eye on them in case they hatch for fear of mama taking babies to the pond. I actually considered trying to rehome her, but she and her sister are very close. I'm afraid of separating them, and I can't catch sister so they could go together. I'll candle the eggs next week to see if anything is happening. I thought spring was the stressful time of year!

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