Broody no more, but not getting eggs...

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    Number One hen hatched babies in the first week in May. She raised her babies and started laying again when the peeps were just over a month. At first we were getting 1 egg 6 days a week for about 2 weeks. Then 1 egg every day. Number Two started a week behind her, but her peep was a week younger. She was laying 7 days a week.
    About a week ago, Number One didn't want to leave the nest. We kicked her off for her egg and she would stay off for the first 2 days, then she started going back. Then she didn't want to leave at all. Our normally flighty hen was letting me pet her. So I knew she was broody and she wasn't going to hatch anything since we didn't have any adult roosters. We kicked her off several times a day. Then it was was time to clean the coop. She hasn't laid an egg, that we are aware of for about 9 days. She isn't sitting on the nest anymore. Some one is giving us an egg. But I think it is Number Two, she isn't broody and she would wait till Number One laid her egg for the day, then hop in the nest. We now have roosters but aren't integrated yet.
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    When my hens have stopped being broody, it usually takes them a week or more to get back to laying on a regular basis. It's almost like their bodies have to renourish and regroup before they are ready to put the energy into egg production.
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    x2, it takes a few weeks after they were broody, even if they didn't hatch any chicks, to get back to laying. Good luck!

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