Broody not eating or drinking water


Mar 2, 2016
Ok so I have read quite a few conflicting articles and threads of some saying remove the chicken to relieve herself, eat and drink, which I've done only she doesn't like it, I've also read not to do that or else they will just give up! This is my FIRST time broody! I've been hand feeding her cucumbers, watermelon and starter feed because it's hot and I want her happy since she's laying on 14 fertile eggs for 4 days now (went broody 7 days ago). But she has food and water very close and in sight! Do I keep forcing her to get out? Or just let her be?
Is she broody because of actual fertile eggs or not? Because my answer could be wrong!
Sorry in advance!
No! We have a Roo but he's only 14 weeks! So I got some fertile eggs from a friend of mine and placed them under her since my husband is not a fan of me getting into the "incubating". So I figured it was a blessing. She has air getting to her. I just don't like to keep forcing her out if she sees its available. She is also in a comfortable private area away (but not completely out of sight) of the flock. So they can't bug her.
A 14 week old cockerel could fertilize eggs.

Are you serious?? Ahhhh! I didn't know that!! How do I know if that "magic" has happened!???
good grief! I had no idea!!

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