Broody or Constipated or what?

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11 Years
Aug 23, 2010
New Britain, CT
I know it sounds funny, but can hens get constipated? Phoebe, my Salmon Faverolle, hung out in the nest box for a looong time yesterday, until I took her out to "make her" get some fresh air. She was the last to lay the day before. There were 3 other eggs in there, but not one of hers (which are smaller than the others'). She yelled at me then,
lots of squawking as she joined the other girls in the yard. A few minutes later, she, um, relieved herself, and there was a large quantity of poop--slightly bigger than an egg.
I know that the cloaca serves all 3 biological purposes, and that Childbirth Ed classes warn you that labor may feel like you "have to go poop". So, is it likely that she thought she had to lay an egg, but was actually constipated?
all my broodies do a big old stinky poo... As big as dogs sometimes. Sounds like you got a broody Also the smell is a smell you cant miss or forget peeee ewwww
She sounds like she's broody to me. Does she fluff up her feathers and walk around holding her wings out? (Not like it's hot, but spread out and outstretched?) Does she make a clucking sound when she's off the nest? There's a reason old-timers called broodies "cluckers"- they make a very distinct clucking noise, different from regular chicken noises. Those are a couple of other behaviors you can look for.
Sounds like she's going broody.

And it's not really related to human childbirth. Hens hold it so they don't soil their nest.

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