Broody or molting?


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10 Years
Jul 12, 2009
Today I found a lot of small feathers in the nest box. Is my hen starting to molt or do broody hens line their nests with feathers?
Could be either; too little info. Is she refusing to get off the nest? How old is she; it she at a molting age? If she is broody she will stay on her nest basically 24/7, fluffed out as to cover eggs, and give a low growl if you try to move her. They do pull breast feathers when setting.
I kind of think they put feathers in their nests. I have never let a hen stay broody, but I have seen feathers in the nests where they lay. I always take the eggs everyday and when they go broody I move them around untill they quit.
A broody hen will pluck her chest feathers so that she can keep the eggs warmer and the chicks warmer when they hatch.

Check her chest and see if that is where they are missing. If not, it could be either.

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