Broody or not broody?


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I've got a Harlequin girl who seems unsure about motherhood. She'll be on the eggs in the morning when I let them out, so I keep her penned while the other ducks visit the creek. If I check back in an hour or so she's still on the nest. But in late afternoon she's off the nest, the eggs are cold, and she's demanding to be out with the other ducks. This has gone on for about 3 days. Will she settle in full time? Are the eggs toast?

Yeah, I've got two eggs left over from my last Cayuga hen who got killed a few days ago. I don't have an incubator and I was hoping she'd do the job. I guess the erratic warming/cooling has destroyed the embroyos by now. Maybe I'll give her a day or two longer but I'm thinking I'll just blow them out and use them for Easter eggs at this point.
I had a duck that would sit on the eggs for some time and then be off the nest for awhile.
I made the mistake of thinking the eggs were no good, and went to toss them and several of them were devoloping. it wasnt a pretty site.
First time broodies can be a pain. My 1st time muscovy momma only hatched 1 baby and it ended up dying. the rest turned grayish and never hatched.

She gets off the nest a couple times a day but is always Running! she looks like the meanest duck you've ever seen when she's off getting food/water...and OMG, don't get close to her nest or house if you're another bird, lol.

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