Broody or Sick?

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Dec 17, 2016
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My Coop

I have a Blue Cochin hen that has been broody before.
Her two sisters are broody at the moment.

The particular one I am talking about went broody in a corner...
(The first time.) She is now sitting in the same corner.

She gets up to eat, drink and walks around.
When I pet her she makes a quiet sound that is like a broody noise,
but not nearly as loud. I hold her.

She was laying eggs.
But now that I think 'bout it, I haven't seem an egg in a few days.

I watch how she walks, I doubt she is egg bound,
she has been like this too long to be egg bound.

She cleans herself. But the catch is; I don't know the last time she laid an egg.
She looks kinda puffy and fluffy. Only a year old she is.

I am worried about her a bit,
she is a strong hen, that is why I didn't put this thread in emergencies.

What might this be? Let me know please!

Thank you so much!
-The Angry hen
I think if she's eating etc., then she's probably broody. this time of year it's popular for hens to get broody I think bc of the weather is more ideal for chick's

I've had all my girls get broody at some point this week, I just rescued two stubborn broodies from the 106 degrees today, they are stubborn!
Thank you for responding! Yes, I had to break three broody hens!
Now I have three more!! :rolleyes:

Thanks again!
-The Angry Hen

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