Broody Polish???


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Jan 14, 2010
The Thumb, MI
Advice please:

I have an 11-month old Polish bantam hen who spent all day in the nest box. This is a big surprise to me, because from everything I read Polish are considered to be very unlikely to set. If she's still on the nest two days from now, should I get her some eggs to try and hatch (with the incubator on stand-by just in case), or is the breed unreliable enough that I'd be better off breaking her of her broodiness?

Certainly there are tendencies among specific breeds for more/less tendencies for broodiness. But a lot is up to the individual hen and her own personal component of broody skills. Go ahead & give this Polish a chance to prove herself...or not. Don't give her California Condor eggs or really expensive eggs from some rare & endangered breed. You can have an incubator on standby, or a hole ready-dug at the drip-line of some favorite bush, in case she quits before they hatch.

I had a White-Crested Black Polish who went broody once and she was a great Mama hen too. Right now I have a Mottled Houdan, another crested breed, setting on a goose egg.
I have a broody Polish, too. She's been trying to sit on eggs for two weeks. I just keep taking them from her. She keeps trying to sit on them. Poor thing.
Well, I won an auction for some hatching eggs, so I'll stick them under her and see what happens. However, I'll have my incubator set up just in case she decides to change her mind
I moved the auction eggs to my Silkie hen, since the one egg of my Polish (fathered by my white Sulkie roo) was due to hatch tomorrow. However, baby was in a hurry:


She's being a good mom, except for freaking out when the little one wants to go exploring.

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