Broody pullet: day 2


May 18, 2015
Fair lawn nj
I have a broody pullet who is about 7 months old and has been partly broody since she has started laying and now she is fully broody. I bought her at tractor supply as a black sex link but is black with barely feathered grey legs so I am guessing she is a black copper maran mix. Also, her name is Trixie.

Anyway, Trixie became fully broody the day before yesterday and only got up once (yesterday morning) since she became fully broody. She is sitting on 9 eggs. Also, this my first broody so any help would be appreciated.

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Oh, I also made some curtains for her
I love your curtains 💞
Good luck to you both. My australorp that I bought at TSC brooded 5 chicks. She’s 1 1/2 years old. She was a good mom


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