Broody pullet on an empty nest

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    We have an 9 month old Splash Orpington pullet that is perfectly content to sit on an empty nest. She is not stealing anyone's eggs or trying to sit on anyone's eggs and she isn't laying any of her own. This is her second time doing this. The first time was about8 weeks ago. We broke her pretty easily then since the weather was perfect for leaving her blocked from the coop and nest boxes in the evening and during the day. This time it has been too cold to leave her outside at night. She will stay on the roost at night if we put her on there. The strange thing is her body doesn't feel as hot underneath as our other broody hen's did when she was sitting. When we throw her off the nest, she will protest and cluck and mutter, but then will go out and free range and eat and drink. It is almost like she wants to be broody, but she isn't quite there yet. We are planning to use a cage and try to break her again this week. My only fear is that she will be broody again in six weeks. We have no plans to add any chicks this Spring. Maybe we should hire her outta someone who wants to use a broody to hatch some chicks instead of an incubator!
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    Sure, why not put an ad on Craigslist "broody hen, will hatch for you". Or order some eggs (something that'll sell well in your area), let her hatch them, then sell the chicks and make a few bucks towards some chicken feed.
    I advertise quite a bit on Craigslist when I've got my incubator running, and you'd be surprised how many people want to hatch their own eggs but don't have the means. I usually put up an ad stating a specific breed I'm wanting for myself and split the hatch with whoever provides the eggs. Its a win-win on both sides, IMO. Good luck!

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