Broody Scovies


9 Years
Sep 11, 2010
Does any one else have broody scovies this time of year? I have TWO! One of them is due to hatch in about two weeks, and the other just commited to brooding. I feel like a bad duck owner because I didn't even realize one of them was missing until I noticed two of them missing one day. I am assuming the one hen was still making her nest and I thought she was the one missing when I found her. The one who is about to hatch is in a wood pile and is quite hidden. She has 10+ eggs. The other who just started has 18! If they all hatch I am going to have a lot of babies. I now it doesn't get that cold in TX, but I didn't think the girls would be laying, much less go broody. They are only 8 months old. Will post pics of the new mom and babies once they hatch.

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