broody Silkie hens

I breed Silkie chickens and as many of you probably know, they go broody quite frequently. Are there any tips on how to get them out of their broody faze quicker? ❓
I used to take the hen off the eggs get rid of the eggs and lock the coop up for the day until night time I let them back in. If she is back in the nest by the morning repeat the process it usually takes 2 or maybe three days. It’s worked for me almost on the first day
Have you tried the broody breaker cage method?
3 days and 3 nights is as quick as I have found the breaking to go. As soon as you see her acting broody put her in a broody breaker cage. Air flow under the bottom (wire bottom) no bedding, helps to cool off the hormones.
Personally if I just took away eggs, placed a broody out of the box/ locked them out of the coop or anything like that, they would just continue to be broody sitting on the grass or on anything, no eggs needed, they are good at imagining eggs! hahaha.
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