Broody Silkies on Chicken Eggs


Nov 13, 2018
Hi - I have both silkies and leghorn chickens, kept in separate yards. My hens never go broody but my silkies are broody often. I really wanted to breed some chickens so I put some of their fertile eggs under 2 of my broody silkies. They all recently hatched over an 8 day period. However all of my baby chickens were found dead the day they were born. I would really appreciate any information anyone might have to shed some light on why this might have happened. Thanks Rob
Did they look like they were attacked? The broody or another chicken could have killed them. Is there a rooster?
Silkies are pretty frequently used as surrogate brooders due to going broody easily. Ordinarily it works out fine, but you may have a bad one in there somewhere.
They looked intact to me - no sign of any injury. The 2 silkies that hatched them have previously hatched baby silkies with no problems. They are always housed away from the rooster when breeding.
Hi again. Yes everything was as it should be. I have never had this problem before and have successfully hatched about 12 eggs. Thank you for your comments - it may well remain a mystery!

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