broody sitting on eggs question


13 Years
Apr 18, 2010
Rigby, Id
Well, I decided that when the incubator is full and I have a broody or 3 to start to put some eggs under the broodies. Well long story short I have haad eggs under 3 of them and it looks like today that they all three decided to eat an egg, I am unsure if it was an egg from a chicken that just jumped up and layed it or if it was actually one that was being sat on. Is this normal behavior for a broody? I just ask because all 3 had one in their box that was broke and 2 of the 3 had yolk or something on their beak.
With all the broodies & other hens having access to the nests, the eggs probably got broken by accident & then of course eaten. Seperate your broodies from each other & the rest of the flock. Pet taxi/crates work great....put food & water in.
I mark eggs I choose for setting with a Sharpie because sometimes they do their setting in with the flock. Separating while setting is safer, but some broodies don't tolerate being moved. And I've always let the mamas raise the chicks in with the flock.

And yes, I do think a mama setting on eggs sometimes senses an egg is no good and eats it -- though I have no proof of that.

Have you seen this article?

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