Broody tom and hens, along with egg questions


8 Years
Feb 14, 2011
south central Oklahoma
I have a question . My 2 turkey hens were setting on 15 eggs, that are at different stages. They should should start to hatch this weekend, Tom has taken over the smaller hens eggs over the past couple of weeks. But I have found 3 eggs out in the run that appeared to have been mostly developed. (dead) That left 12 eggs when I checked sunday. Yesterday there were 15 eggs under the bigger hen, tom was on nothing, but still nesting. Could he be killing the poults as they try to Hatch ? Apparently the little hen is laying agin. Should I take the all the eggs out that were from the original clutch and finish incubating them, save the new ones and start incubating them, since little girl is laying again( have not seen the tom mating her) ? Or just leave well enough alone ? was not planning on incubating any more eggs until fall, but still have the incubator out. ( don't need much encourgement to hatch out more babies), just haven't gotten around to putting it away.
DH took the turkey eggs from their nest. That was something else getting those eggs and not getting flogged, Candeled the eggs, no go on any of them, there were several fresh ones in the clutch, saved those. Guess we will wait and see if the girls go back to letting the tom mate them, and if they keep laying, will run the incubator again and hach out poults. i am not sure if the did not get any to hatch due to their lack of experience or not, this is their first year mating, laying and setting. But we were able to incubate some of their eggs and hatched poults, so fertility is not the issue.

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